Iceland is easily one of my most favourite countries I have visited. Not only was it my first solo trip, I also ambitiously decided to travel around Iceland’s entire ring road in just 4 days. While I would definitely recommend additional days, if you don’t have them it’s still worth the adventure to cram it […]

28x29, Travel

September 30, 2018

bex does iceland.

42.2 km. That’s a lot. The length of a marathon to be exact.   For whatever reason, a marathon has always held such high prestige in my brain. The people who can run a marathon are superhumans. And therefore, it’s always been an overall bucket list item of mine to run a whole marathon.  But, let’s […]

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June 28, 2018

running my first half marathon.

Continuing on in the spirit of absolutely crushing my parents’ birthdays this year, I decided to fly back to Ontario for a quick minute with a mission of surprising my dad for his birthday. It was a big one this year – the big 6-0. What was particularly funny about this trip was about two […]

Chit Chat, Travel

February 5, 2018

surprising my dad for his 60th

As far as moms go, hands-down, I have the best one out there. This year was a special year as it was her 50th birthday. I knew I wanted to do something magical for her. We had tossed around the idea of a euro backpacking trip but ended up deciding on a restful week in […]

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December 6, 2017

Mama J goes to Maui for her 50

Long-distance friendships can be difficult to maintain, but there’s something so special when someone cares enough to travel across the country to visit you – even better when you get to partake in a fun camping activity! One of my dearest friends, Stephanie, made the trek before she started her new job. This called for […]

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August 27, 2017

spontaneous visits and trips to jasper

Looking for how to keep in touch with your friends when you’re all going in separate directions? Start a traveling notebook! My excitement for the project is through the roof. The last year has brought so many changes. One of my best friends moved across the pond to England, I moved across the country to […]

Crafts & DIY, Travel

June 3, 2015

how to keep in touch with friends: a traveling notebook

Exciting news over here! Tomorrow I leave on my first business trip! I’m incredibly excited, and can’t wait for the new responsibilities. The awesome part is it’s with a client back home so I’ll be able to see friends and family on my trip as well. Here’s what I’ve packed for some reading material while […]

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March 21, 2015

my first business trip & graphic design books to read on the plane.

three books titled, 'StrengthsFinder2.0', 'Work for Money, Design for Love' and 'ReWork', on a table beside a white starbucks cup.

This weekend I trekked to Banff with my family. It’s about 4 hours away from Edmonton, so a pretty good chunk of time in the car…. perfect opportunity to make another one of these cute little bunnies. Crocheting in the car made the road trip go by so much faster. Thankfully, I don’t typically get […]

Crafts & DIY, Travel

March 15, 2015

road trip hack: bring a crochet hook!

A cream coloured crocheted bunny with purple ears, with a yellow S on the left ear, and a crocheted yellow flower on its head.

I’m beginning to adore living in Alberta. This past Saturday I made my second trip into the mountains for my first time snowboarding at Marmot Basin. My sister’s work put on a social event to head out and get some skiing and snowboarding in. Last minute a lift ticket became available and after a little […]

Life, Travel

March 2, 2015

snowboarding marmot basin for the first time

The view from the top of the mountains at Marmot Basin in Jasper, Alberta, Canada.

Back in November, the women of my family traveled from three different places and met up in Maui for a week of paradise and celebrating my mom’s birthday. Maui has such a diverse geography. Rainforests, volcanoes, and ocean fronts. It was truly beautiful. One of the only things on my to-do list for this vacation was […]

24x25, Travel

January 28, 2015

First time surfing in Maui

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