Bucket List


Following the high of my amazing bucket list birthday party for my 32 x 33 list, I was eager to get my list started for this next year.  Writing my list this year was such an interesting experience. It felt so nice to try and remember what I would have put on these lists before […]

33 x 34

July 18, 2023

This past year was the first year in many that I did not make a birthday bucket list at all. Last year we had my baby shower two days before my birthday, and so my birthday came and went without a blink of an eye pretty much. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. […]

32 x 33

July 16, 2023

Do you struggle with completing 100-day challenges? Try visualizing your progress with this free 100-day challenge tracker! Have you ever set a goal to publish X number of YouTube videos? Or perhaps you’re trying to start a blog and want to publish 100 blog posts? Or, if you’re trying to become a healthy human like […]

100 day challenge tracker – free printable!

A wall with three frames; the first is a black letter board with white letters that says 'hey its bex'; the second, a white piece of paper taped to the wall with 50 bubbles to track publishing 50 Youtube videos. 3 of the 50 bubbles are coloured in with pink marker. The last is a picture frame with multi-coloured crayon scribbles made by a 5-year old.

September 2, 2021

Every so often you meet a person who has a significant impact on your life. For me, one of these people is my old colleague and friend Tyler. He gave me my first job as a graphic design intern in my final year of college, which continued onto my first real job as a graphic […]

Hiking Hoodoo Creek and catching up with old friends

August 31, 2021

It’s time for another birthday bucket list! I’ve been making these lists since I was 24 and every year they bring so much fun and adventure to my life. I took a year off last year because the pandemic was taking its toll and I had no inspiration or bursts of energy to try and […]

31 x 32


July 18, 2021

What makes for a creative birthday party idea? Trying something new! Anybody who knows me knows I’m always up for trying a new craft. In the last few years, macramé has made a comeback, so it automatically piqued my interest. Then, a friend I knew back home, Natalie Renae, published a macramé how-to book called […]

the most creative 30th birthday: a macrame garden party

July 26, 2020

When I was younger, I spent a great deal of time hanging around the hockey arenas at the local community centre. This place was great, so much to do. There was even a Little Rock climbing arena in it. Every so often my mom would splurge and take us. I remember LOVING it. Fondly remembering […]

vertically inclined

July 10, 2020

I’ve been in Alberta for five winters now. I moved out here at the beginning of December. It was met with endless commentary of how silly I was to move out west during the frigid Edmonton winters. What I’ve learned since being here though, is that Winter in Alberta is equal to cottage country in […]

adventures in the snow

March 16, 2020

There’s nothing more cozy and homey than a Christmas tree covered in handmade ornaments. Christmas is one of my favourite times of year – not for the gifts; that’s actually my least favourite part. Rather, I adore the homeyness a Christmas tree brings to a space. Twinkle lights are also my jam. I have the […]

100% handmade christmas tree ornaments

December 19, 2019

This past weekend we headed off to Osoyoos for my sister’s super epic 30th birthday finale. On our last night, we decided to flick the switch on the patio lights and look up at the stars. To say it was spectacular might not fully capture how incredibly vast the stars looked that night. It just […]

stargazing in osoyoos

July 31, 2019

Another year, another list. I made good progress on my last list and made many memories along the way, from adventuring through Iceland to experiencing the beauty that is Thailand with my closest dearest travel buddy. Over the years my favourite aspect of these lists is how they’ve spread through my friend group. The aforementioned […]

29 x 30

July 18, 2019

I love me a good birthday cake. I’m also a sucker for sprinkles. Seriously – have you ever just tried adding sprinkles to your ice cream creation at Marble Slab? Or perhaps toss some sprinkles in pancakes? They have a strange ability to make decently tasty things even more incredible. So this year, when my […]

the ultimate birthday cake

March 7, 2019