Complete a whole 90 – in other words, eat whole30 for 90 days. It was an ambitious thing to put on my 29 x 30 list, but I was convinced I could do it. I also knew that whole 30 tends to be the only eating plan that actually helps me control my weight. Here’s […]

Healthy Living

March 1, 2020

10 things I learned from 90 days of whole30

The front cover of the whole30 book I used to follow my whole 90. It features a deep pan with a red coloured soup filled with vegetables.

Back in my college days, shortly after I had broken up with my boyfriend at the time, I found myself without a car and needing to get to work. And while I didn’t have a bike that I could ride to work at the time, I did have my rollerblades. Thankfully, too, I lived along […]

28x29, Healthy Living

August 9, 2018

riding my bike 15km to work

You know those hobbies that you don’t quite love, but can’t get enough of at the same time? That’s how I feel about running. I don’t overly love the act of running, yet I can’t seem to stop signing up for runs, this time the Lululemon 10k, and pushing myself to improve my times. After […]

28x29, Healthy Living

July 23, 2018

run this city #edmonton10k

42.2 km. That’s a lot. The length of a marathon to be exact.   For whatever reason, a marathon has always held such high prestige in my brain. The people who can run a marathon are superhumans. And therefore, it’s always been an overall bucket list item of mine to run a whole marathon.  But, let’s […]

27x28, Healthy Living, Travel

June 28, 2018

running my first half marathon.

My 27 x 28 list had to join a yoga class. I had every intention of joining a studio and attending regularly, but I quickly learned and accepted that exercise classes after work usually will never happen. On top of that, I am still the world’s worst morning person.  So rather than beat myself up […]

27x28, Healthy Living, Personal Growth

January 28, 2018

grace and yoga.

I’ve been a pretty athletic person my entire life. Team sports are usually my jam. I played volleyball, box and field lacrosse, hockey, volleyball, and basketball back in the day. And I’m a pretty competitive person. I don’t like to be bad at things so I study how people play so I can get better. […]

27x28, Healthy Living

October 22, 2017

my first soccer game

If you’re considering trying whole30, be sure to read through to find out five of my non-weight related benefits from whole30! Having seen the whole30 pop up on some blogs I follow regularly and seeing multiple spreads in bullet journals across the internet, I decided I should check it out and see why it was […]

26x27, Healthy Living

September 10, 2016

5 wins from my first whole30 experience.

The front cover of the whole30 book I used to follow my whole 90. It features a deep pan with a red coloured soup filled with vegetables.

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