Epic Parties


What makes for a creative birthday party idea? Trying something new! Anybody who knows me knows I’m always up for trying a new craft. In the last few years, macramé has made a comeback, so it automatically piqued my interest. Then, a friend I knew back home, Natalie Renae, published a macramé how-to book called […]

the most creative 30th birthday: a macrame garden party

July 26, 2020

I love me a good birthday cake. I’m also a sucker for sprinkles. Seriously – have you ever just tried adding sprinkles to your ice cream creation at Marble Slab? Or perhaps toss some sprinkles in pancakes? They have a strange ability to make decently tasty things even more incredible. So this year, when my […]

the ultimate birthday cake

March 7, 2019