Do you struggle with completing 100-day challenges? Try visualizing your progress with this free 100-day challenge tracker! Have you ever set a goal to publish X number of YouTube videos? Or perhaps you’re trying to start a blog and want to publish 100 blog posts? Or, if you’re trying to become a healthy human like […]

100 day challenge tracker – free printable!

A wall with three frames; the first is a black letter board with white letters that says 'hey its bex'; the second, a white piece of paper taped to the wall with 50 bubbles to track publishing 50 Youtube videos. 3 of the 50 bubbles are coloured in with pink marker. The last is a picture frame with multi-coloured crayon scribbles made by a 5-year old.

September 2, 2021

Every so often you meet a person who has a significant impact on your life. For me, one of these people is my old colleague and friend Tyler. He gave me my first job as a graphic design intern in my final year of college, which continued onto my first real job as a graphic […]

Hiking Hoodoo Creek and catching up with old friends

August 31, 2021

It’s time for another birthday bucket list! I’ve been making these lists since I was 24 and every year they bring so much fun and adventure to my life. I took a year off last year because the pandemic was taking its toll and I had no inspiration or bursts of energy to try and […]

31 x 32


July 18, 2021