If you’re considering trying whole30, be sure to read through to find out five of my non-weight related benefits from whole30! Having seen the whole30 pop up on some blogs I follow regularly and seeing multiple spreads in bullet journals across the internet, I decided I should check it out and see why it was […]

5 wins from my first whole30 experience.

The front cover of the whole30 book I used to follow my whole 90. It features a deep pan with a red coloured soup filled with vegetables.

September 10, 2016

Looking to implement a cash budget? Try making these adorable DIY reusable cash budget envelopes. A couple of years back I attended Financial Peace University at my church back home. It was a life-changing 10-week eye-opener to money. I’ve still struggled with budgets and money management since acquiring all that knowledge, but I’m determined to […]

DIY: reusable cash budget envelopes

September 5, 2016

It’s that time of year again! My annual birthday bucket list! This is my fourth year making an annual birthday bucket list. You know, despite my lack of ever completing a list, I love the fact that these lists are something that I aspire to complete every year. Though they’ve proven so difficult for me, […]

26 x 27

September 1, 2016